Middle of the night sysadmining

An aphorism ascribed to Benjamin Franklin goes

Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

This does not apply to website maintainers.

tl;dr: new instance of PrivateBin at https://pb.saewyc.info. PrivateBin is a paste web service which client-side encrypts the paste so the server has no clue about the contents. Think of it as an encrypted post-it note on the internet.

Going to be early may mean waking up in the middle of the night, say 02:30-ish, unable to sleep any more, and suddenly thinking about some detail or another on the web server in need of attention right now.

Like re-installing PrivateBin, only at a different url for now because I need to see if I can recover the old pastes.

But I got stuck in the process of hardening the site, because I have learnt a trick or two since I first installed it. And I am using Nginx instead of Apache2 for this set up. And there have been a lot of changes in SSL/TLS to make online communications potentially more secure between client browser and web server. Which means three hours of my life gone, but the lessons are now being applied to this and the other websites I am operating (Yay for A+ score at SSL Labs! \o/)

This does not mean you should trust the paste, or me. I could still be evil. Just securely evil.

On the other hand, this is the first completely off-the-old-server website, part of the slow progress to getting everything moved to new hardware. Everything else has at least some assets still being served from the big drives on the old tower.

Even if it did happen in the middle of what should have been a sleep cycle.