Look! it’s a brand new site!

…and it is slower!

My tiny server rack, with 4 ‘blades’ running. Copyright © 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc.

So, the website (and everything which is currently working) is now hidden behind, or within, my tiny toy server rack. Which is slightly bigger, in volume but not height, than a tall-boy beer can, but less than a normal wine bottle.

Which does not mean anything has really changed, just that everything datawise makes an extra pit-stop coming and going.

Still, change is in the air. New services planned. Moving some old services to new hardware. Maybe some overhauls. The coolest thing about shifting to the new server architecture is that substantial changes can be done, and tested, and only once all the obvious kinks are worked out of the system does it become public.

You will never see the renovations happening, in most cases. (At least, I hope you won’t.)

Tonight, I celebrate with 4 little computers running a small array of websites and domains from my desktop. Tomorrow some of the hard work of creating a storage array, static caching, and back up/maintenance scripting. And after that? carving a niche into 3g social media.

#Self-hosting, in a small way.

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