TransLink Listens: Email exchange

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>>>>*From:* Me 
>>>>*Sent:* 13/09/2019 4:49 PM 
>>>>*Subject:* 'Member Hub'
>>>>The new member hub is not accessible due to its
>>>>reliance on 3rd party cookies. It is not 
>>>>possible to log in without allowing these 
>>>>cookies, which are by definition a tracking 

>>On 2019-09-16 12:21 p.m., Translink Listens wrote:
>>>Thank you for emailing support. We have received 
>>>your request and will respond to you shortly.
>>> We appreciate your patience.

>>>Best regards,
>>>The TransLink Listens Team

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>>*From:* Me
>>*Sent:* 16/09/2019 12:24 PM
>>*Subject:* Re: VC-10442200 - 'Member Hub' [ ]

>>…and your support e-mails include a tracking pixel.

>>Why are you spying on people?

On 2019-09-18 9:39 a.m., Translink Listens wrote:

>Thank you for your email. We do require that Third 
>Party Cookies are enabled to login to the community 
>hub. The third party cookies are placed on your 
>device by a third party. While we may allow third 
>parties access to the Site to place these cookies 
>on users’ devices, we do not retain control over 
>the information supplied by the cookies, nor do we
>retain access to that data. Please be assured that 
>all information provided by community members is 
>kept strictly confidential and used only for 
>legitimate research purposes.
>The information we gather helps us determine which 
>surveys will match your profile. To ensure your 
>total privacy, your answers will be grouped 
>together with those of others who completed the 
>same survey and the information you provide will 
>be used for statistical purposes only.
>Thank you for your time and interest.

>Best regards,
>The TransLink Listens Team

Actually, your answer contradicts itself, but explains 
very exactly why you should not do this, and why I 
should not use your hub.

You state you do not retain control over the
information supplied by the cookies. Neither do you
have control over who accesses the cookies on my
machine, for example to check if/when I have logged
in to the hub. So, you are enabling parties you do 
not know to track my browsing habits. You are 
spying on me.

You then state that all information provided by 
community  members is kept strictly confidential
and used only for legitimate research purposes. "All 
information" must, of course, include if and when I 
logged in to the hub. Which a third party has control 
over, not you. So this statement is not true, or your 
previous one is not. You are misinforming me.

Worse, Translink has not asked if I am willing to
share my browsing habits with third parties.

While I understand the decisions Translink's web
team have made to get to this point, their choices 
mean I cannot be involved with the Translink
advisory while this hub is used as the primary 
point of contact.

BTW: any journalist interested, I still have the e-mails.