Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Boris, from BeagleBoards

Or, perhaps, berries and beagles and boxen, oh my!

The new hardware has begun arriving. And I have figured out the issue I was experiencing with the experimental set-up. So, this weekend is the beginning of the server reno project.

What that means is the family server – this one – is going to be taken off-line.  And, hopefully in short order, another server will be put up in its stead. That server will not have the complete set of services. But, slowly, we will restore the current suite of websites, and hopefully one or two additional tools.

From the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The current plan starts with testing the BeagleBone Black in the rôle of reverse proxy; I am not sure how to stress test this yet, but hopefully it will handle the workload without issues. If not, one of the RPi 3B+ units will be pressed into the job.

Once I have a working front server I can spread the tasks between the various upstream cpus based on the kind of load expected. Most of the things we have had in the past will return again, our family Cloud, genealogy project, and so on.

There will likely be some changes, too. The blog is going to migrate to a pubhub-enabled platform. A related microblogging platform is planned, as well as current upgrades to our invisible url shortener (currently here, but with an incomplete CRUD api there is literally nothing to be seen.)

So, do not expect to find anything here. At least, not as of tomorrow. Hopeto  see you beyond the blue event horizon!

“Server rack” with an RPi 3B+ on the bottom and a BeagleBone Black being installed above. Photo Copyright © 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

4 Replies to “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!”

  1. Dude, this is awesome! Keep me posted on your results. I think it might be a bit under-powered, but let’s see shall we!

  2. Hopefully your project goes better then mine. Finished rewiring my system in the LR, only to find the center channel didn’t work. It’s hard to describe the utter fork-up, because it was actually the left surround, not the center channel that was bad. But really it just wasn’t plugged in correctly. Somehow, I mislabeled, and simultaneous messed the connection up. The two combined meant I ripped down all the wires so painstakingly put up and replaced them (thus discovering my mistakes).

    Huge rework, and doesn’t look near as good as the first pass. But done and works. Sigh, this was so much easier when I was younger.

    BTW, although it was a pain in the tail, hot gluing wires up and using 18Ga instead, actually looks pretty decent. Not a substitute for running them in the walls, but cheaper and quicker.

    1. So many things easier when I was younger. Took a relatively high-speed hike yesterday, 8km in an hour and a half. Slow by my traditional pace, yet I was wiped out for most of the rest of the day.

      Would love to see the new setup. Did you know there’s an SBC project to turn any powered speaker into a bluetooth/wifi speaker? wires? we don’t need no stinking wires!

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