Pure browser upgrade #phail(s)

Purism rolled out an update to their Firefox remix yesterday. It reset quite a number of my configuration values. #fail.

Nothing gets my attention faster, or pisses me off more, than when I have taken the time to learn how to tweak my configuration to suit my use and some ham-handed upgrade walks all over it. Which is pretty much what Purism just did.

It was really in-the-face, too. My home page became Mozilla’s “yes we are selling your fucking ass” home page. Because Purism thinks I need to be spied on? privacy? wut? Just totally pissed me off from that point forward.

yay, they implemented Mozilla’s ‘content blocking’. And they even defaulted to ‘strict’. But that is not as strict as what I already used. Really? their idea of strict cookie blocking solely prevents ‘known tracking cookies from third parties’? It allows cookies from 3rd party sites you have never visited,  which is pretty much a definition of a tracking cookie.

And on and on and on, ranging from the banal (turned on ‘do not track’ and removed the ability to turn it off! which increases the uniqueness of the browser’s digital fingerprint[panopticlick], but that is not a huge issue because PureBrowser is insanely unique amongst FireFox clones anyway) to the actually very serious (turned off private browsing default, reset default applications.)

#Phail, , call it what you will, this was a horrible experience of the rollout by of an important software .

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