Unexpected delivery

So I ordered a pair of stacking cases and an RPi 3B+ last Saturday. I got a polite note that it would be a few days before things shipped. On Monday I received a notice the enclosures had shipped, and I could expect them in September, by the 13th.

I do not pay for expedited shipping. Not, I would have you know, because I do not want it within seconds of ordering it. No, it is because expedited almost always means “commercial delivery service”, and I have had terrible, awful luck with them. Often, but not always, non-expedited shipping goes by way of Canada Post.

Canada Post gives great service.

Today my mail included a pick-up slip; my enclosures arrived. Yep, there they were at the post office at 15 hr, long before the end of the business day. The packaging was pristine, no signs of dings or damage.

Now, the RPi I have heard nothing further about. It is coming from very nearby and, by my history with the company, they will get around to acknowledging the order tomorrow or Friday; I am betting on Friday. And they ship with a commercial delivery service. My guess is there will be a pick-up sticker on the door (no attempt to actually call and deliver) about, mmm, Tuesday or Wednesday the following week, and it will not actually be available for pick up until the next day.

Just a hunch.

Oh, and I spent a very enjoyable 15 minutes putting the case together, and the current RPi 3B+ into it. It is a cute clear acrylic case with steel stand-offs, the tiniest little fan to draw air over the diminutive little heat sink. It is so cute! (and the fan really is quiet.) All in all I felt like I was playing with toy-sized miniatures which, in a way, I was!

Unboxing, even if not a video-event, is awfully fun.