Travel planning and random non-updates

This e-mail arrived the other night. It said “Itinerary Change – Important information – do not delete” in the subject line. “The attached document contains important flight detail information about your upcoming trip. Please review it and contact us at 1-800-XXX-XXX if necessary.”

The attached .pdf was empty.

Needless to say, it rather caught my attention. And no, it was not spear-fishing spam, because indeed we are planning some travel via this company, had made reservations the day before.

This fall we will be traveling to the east coast for a couple of multi-day events in two different locations. Three-cornered travel plans are always stress-inducing. And we had just discovered the flight from point A to point B were going to cost much MUCH more than expected due to a timing problem. We had planned to fly on Sunday, and booked the hotels based on this. But the Sunday flight was unavailable, requiring us to fly on Monday.

But talking to the hotel(s), changing the reservations would mean we lose the special event price we had booked under, raising the total room costs nearly $1,000. Which is kind of crazy when you think about it.

We talked ourselves into a rather painful decision to rent a car and drive for 12 hours from point A to point B, and cancel that middle flight. A one-way car rental is crazy-expensive too, almost exactly 4 times the price. (And, by the way, that is 4x the price per day. Which means we are going to drive between the two points and immediately drop off the car, rather than keep it to do some evening sight-seeing at point B.)

So, having made the car rental reservation we were trying to figure out when we would be able to call up and cancel that middle leg flight when we got that somewhat stressful e-mail. Without being able to actually talk to the reservations folks, it appears what happened is for two of the flights the plane was changed to a smaller model, and the seat position was changed. In neither case does it appear to be a problem – roughly the same spot, just a couple rows further forward.

But now we are concerned, and we still want to cancel that middle leg without losing the third leg. Trying to schedule the time, on the welcome-new-students day at the School of Nursing. Fun and adrenaline!