It is sooo Q3. And I hate waiting.

In about 140 characters: is a company making privacy-focused laptops. They building a . It is due to ship Q3, 2019.

There are a lot of things to unpack there. But first, I saved my pennies up an pre-ordered one of these phones, so I have skin in this game. I want my present! Now!

In case I have not bored you with this previously, Purism is a company producing good computer hardware which is oriented toward privacy/security, and toward FLOSS. They go to somewhat extreme efforts to completely eliminate even kernel microcode if it is proprietary.

Which makes them surprisingly popular. The build quality is good-to-very-good, but the price is well above average too. Yet they moved from custom builds to build-to-stock within a year of their first release. They are now on their fourth version of the hardware, and the customer base continues to grow.

Two years ago they decided to create a cellphone from the ground up, one which would complement their laptops with the same focus on privacy/security. And it would run completely free Linux, not any proprietary walled-garden type environment like Apple and Android. And people threw millions of dollars at them.

People threw so much money at them they stopped accepting investments, because they are not an LLC or Ltd – they are incorporated as an SPC, a Social Purpose Company.

And they have spent two years burning through that pile of cash building software to make GNOME into a touch-screen environment, and to build the software necessary to make calls and receive texts. And it will run almost everything that runs on linux, too. And what they build for their custom flavour of Debian — PureOS — gets upstreamed to parent projects.

Much of it works! Lots of people releasing videos of the devkit doing all the things it needs to do. Now I am just impatiently waiting for that ever-so-important e-mail asking which modem I want and where should it be shipped.

Now. I want it now.