Pipelines are not safer than rail.

Keystone pipeline leak spills 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota, CBS News twitter feed

The oil industry repeatedly touts the safety of pipelines over rail or trucks. Anyone with their critical thinking hat on knows this is not true: a container of something is never able to do as much damage as a stream of something.

Philadelphia Sinkhole Swallows 2 Cars After Water Main Break, NewsMax. AP Photo/Matt Rourke.

The simplest example, as every city driver knows, is bottled water.

Yes, bottled water in North America has a bad reputation. But has it ever washed away a road? caused sinkholes? Water pipelines do, every day. You see a Dasani truck rolling down the street and you do not immediately think of a risk or threat to to the municipal infrastructure. If you see a water pipeline, you do.

City water supplies leak. Copiously. In some cities as much as 40% of the supply is lost between source and delivery.

Enbridge, U.S. reach $177M settlement over Michigan pipeline oil spill, The Star. AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File.

Oil pipelines leak, too.