Yes, it arrived, after I went and retrieved it. No, it is not a great machine. Yes, it will (probably) do what I wanted it for.

Getting the darned thing was far more trouble than it should have been. The kit maker is located relatively near me – about 30 minutes or less to their postal address, and likely less to their warehouse (it shipped from North Vancouver. But, well, Fedex. Which is a euphemism for many pithy sentences punctuated with short anglo-saxon terms.)

Suffice to say when the delivery person got back to the Fedex bldg I was waiting.

The starter kit included all the bits and pieces, and one or two extras, to get the device up and running. A cute little case in which the board is nestled, with heat sinks applied (no case fan to really move the air, but it has not been an issue yet either.)

The only device I had which could work as a monitor is a 42″ barely-hd television, which is not arranged for desk work. It proved the system worked as a low-power desktop. I was able to boot a Yunohost image from a USB stick, and I spent rather a few hours learning to get that system to work – it is cool! and easy! and everything is in sub-directories of one domain!

So I put that horse out of my misery — it would not be able to do what I needed it to do.

Which meant what I need is a very simple, small, reverse-proxy server, so I can break up my over-complex server into a bunch of not-so-powerful dedicated servers. Thus far I have turned my little Raspberry Pi into a proof-of-concept. It may fall over at the slightest attempt to dos it, but so what? Simple Debian server with nginx.

Now I just need about a dozen more little pi computers…

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