Opening the letter(s)

This is what “will not tolerate of any kind” apparently means: if you are in a Purism public channel, it is okay.

I’ve thought about this for nearly 12 hours now.

Over the course of a couple hours (according to my client beginning
about 0938 PDT, I think that’s 1638 UTC) in the Librem One General Chat
channel these two user denigrated Muslims and Jews, immigrants, and made
jokes about homosexuals. It appeared to me they were deliberately
attempting to test how far Purism will allow them to harass and
intimidate people in the channel.

[Observation about Purism employees.]

I am formally reporting and complaining about this behavior, which
appears to me to violate the conduct page’s anti-harassment statement.


Dear Amgine,

Thank you for reporting this. We appreciate that you have thought
carefully before doing so. These statements do not directly contradict
our policies (there is no harassment) but we do find them troubling. We
will continue to monitor the situation and bear this report in mind
moving forward.

[Purism employee]

I strongly disagree there was no harassment. As I, personally, fall into
at least two of the groups the user targeted over the next hour, I was
harassed. I am sure others in the channel likewise felt threatened and
intimidated, witness the lack of conversation during the following time.


Dear Amgine,

Thank you again for your feedback, we can hear that someone made you
uncomfortable. Clearly this matters or you would not have taken the
time to report it, and we appreciate that.

In case you aren’t aware, we have plans to enhance our clients with
anti-harassment tools, you can read about some of them here:


This kind of talk would be unacceptable in a workplace, including
Purism’s employee chatrooms hosted at By contrast Librem
One chatrooms, hosted at, are public spaces, so different
conventions apply. Furthermore, it looks like the organic communal
response, including yours, has successfully curbed the problematic
behaviour. There was a temporary chill, but the conversation now
continues. Bystander intervention is a highly effective tool.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee a repeat occurrence by these folk or
someone else, and you can’t wait for new tools to be developed. I would
suggest one or more of the following actions:

1. Block the offending users. In most Matrix clients the function is
called “ignore”. (I have done this with my personal, non-moderator

2. Document the behavior. A screencap will do (you’ll need to do this
before blocking). If the behaviour escalates into direct harassment, it
would be helpful to include this as context.

3. Create your own room, where you’re the moderator and you set the

4. Find an existing room with stricter moderation policies.

In general, action 1 is the quickest and most effective response. If it
fails, that’s usually a clear indication of direct harassment.

I’m afraid I can’t go into further depth in this email, but please read
the links on our “Stay safe” page for more information <>

Your report does raise some issues about the clarity of our role in
community chatrooms. We will deliberate this internally.

Thank you again for taking the time to report this. Voices like yours,
including your intervention at the time, make a difference.

[Purism employee]