The Dude is back

Way back in 1991 there was a public art installation at Guelph Park in , by Michael Dennis – three artfully position logs which, sort of, maybe, from a certain point of view, looked like a human figure, reclining on the grass over-looking the green of the park.

Log sculpture of a reclining figure
The dude chilling sculpture Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis in Dude Chilling Park. Source: Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association

Well, as was originally planned, people playing on the artwork and organic degradation resulted in the steady process of an organic, ephemeral work composting into history.

But it was soooo popular! it even spawned a spontaneous prank to rename the park “Dude Chilling Park”. When the artwork, after more than 25 years of people climbing on it and taking photos,  was approaching the point of becoming a public danger it was removed. And there was great outcry.

After discussions, negotiations, and a crowdfunding effort, the dude is back recreated in cast bronze, sited on a concrete slab. Which, I suppose, is cool. There is a party planned for this coming Saturday to ‘officially’ welcome the return.