It started out with new pillows…

Guests were coming to visit, and the spare bedroom – which had been serving as a writing/crafts room – needed to be reassessed.

A feather duvet from last winter was still on the bed, but shedding enough fluff to suggest an infestation of mites. The shelves are dusty. The en suite crusty from too many pots of tea, too many weeks of ‘I will get to it, eventually.”

The neglect is fairly serious. So I started cleaning, and dumping, and wiping down. The dust and dirt are amenable to elbow grease.

Less so some of the accoutrements. After trying to fluff up a mostly-dead pillow I decided a quick trip to Ikea would be in order.

Four pillows, a new summer-weight duvet and cover,  sheets, and a dozen more odds and ends that might just come in handy for a quick refresh later, I made it back home. Ikea is like cheap vodka drinks in aluminum cans; crack on a budget.