Nouvelles lunettes

J’attends de recevoir mes nouvelles lunettes.

I am waiting to receive my new eyeglasses.

I hate waiting.

Last January I flew to Manitoba, arriving in the midst of a particularly nasty snowstorm. It was a stressful trip, but as I returned to the airport,  stopping to fill the rental car with fuel, I stepped out into the -37C / -35F and I heard a faint snap. It was not until later, aboard the plane, that I discovered the bow of my eyeglasses had broken in the sudden temperature change from inside to outside the car.

It was more of a fracture than a break. The plastic had snapped, but the inner metal rod remained intact. So I limped it along with tape, and glue, but they were hanging at an angle on my face, falling off, etc. Finally I broke down and went to get replacements.

This pair were a heavy investment originally. The frames were not so bad, but I purchased from a shop which had premium Nikon lenses available. Believe it or not, they really do make a difference. A little bit lighter, but the lens treatments are much better. I just liked them better, easier to care for, clean, and no ghosting spots as, over the years of cleaning and wiping, one begins to wear through the lens treatments. Since only a small proportion of the cost of new glasses is covered by insurance I made them last, nearly 5 years is my current lifetime best.

This time we could not afford that kind of a luxury splurge, so I went back to the tried-and-true discount chain. And, as usual, they had some snaffy frames on super-special deals, basically a two-fer. And, after far too much time dithering about what to get (I basically don’t care what they look like, because I look through the glasses, not at them. Which is why I brought my partner with, who has rather stronger opinions on what I should wear than I do) I settled on getting two pair of glasses for the price of one.

And, yes, I asked about the lenses. No, they do not offer Nikon. In fact, they offer pretty much the bottom-of-the-barrel polycarbonates, or a premium $$ upsell to lower-midrange lenses.

Ultimately, with the insurance kick-in, I spent very nearly as much on these two pair as I spent last time on one pair. But the killer part is: they will not be available for 7-10 days.

Having just checked,  that is longer than it would have taken to get glasses ordered online, advertised at half the price. <sigh>

I hate waiting.

EDIT: So, a few hours after I published this, I got an e-mail. My glasses were in. And yes, I rushed right out to get them.