Random genealogy person: Salomon Edvard Carlson, 1862-1931

Salomon Carlson[G] emigrated from Sweden to the United States, probably in 1882, where he became known as Sam Carlson.

Sam’s story begins at Angelstad, in what is now Kronoberg län[O], within Småland landskap in Sweden. He was born, according to the födelsebok (birth-book, birth registry,) 7 March 1862, the son of Carl Månson[G] and Christina Ericsdotter[G]. This region, inland and south-west of Stockholm,  is known for its forests over poor soils, yet Carl is described as a hemmansägare, an owner of a multi-person farm.

Birth registry, Angelstad Moder parish, 1862.

Perhaps the most important years of Sam’s life, from birth to his marriage in 1888 to Anna Gustafva Johansdotter[G], we do not yet know anything about. There is a probable link in 1882,  an index indicates a Salomon Edvard Carlsson emigrated from Angelstad on 26 April 1882, bound for Nordamerika. It records his occupation/relation as “Son”, unmarried, traveling alone.

That date matches well with his response on the 1895 Minnesota State census, which shows he had been in the USA for 13 years, and is working as a shoemaker. Anna, who appears as Anna A. though she soon shows up as Annie and Anna Gertrude, reports immigrating 9 years earlier. By this point they have three children, Arthur Joseph born the end of 1888, Bert Allen born Oct 1892,  and Alma born August 1894. (I am researching a fourth child, recorded in another genealogy, who may have been born and died between Arthur and Bert.)

An early black and white studio photo of a young 19th century family, parents and two sons.
Photo of Sam and Anna Carlson, sons Arthur Joseph and Bert Allen, circa 1893. Shared by Steven Danielson in the Danielson Family Tree in 2013.

By the 1900 US Federal Census there were three more children; Cyrus in 1896, Mabel in 1897, and Myrtle born four months earlier in Jan 1900. The last known birth is Elna, probably born 27 September 1901 in Red Wing.

In November of 1902 disaster struck Sam’s family when Anna died of ‘Typhoid Pneumonia.’ She was buried in Oakwood cemetery, in Red Wing. I cannot know the circumstances, but faced with seven children, three aged five or less, Sam made the effort to find homes to care for them still close enough to maintain ties. By the 1905 state census he is living with just his three boys, Arthur, Bert, and Cyrus, and they have sold the home they owned and are now renting. Alma is living with her adoptive parents Amos and Nancy Nelson in Vasa, Goodhue county, Minnesota. Mabel, age 8, is living in the household of Michael and Bertha Elstad, with their daughter Marie and Anna Fitzsimmons; Michael is aged 89, while their daughter is aged 36 and is the second youngest member of the household after Mabel.  Myrtle is in the household of Martin and Ingid Wing in Featherstone, Goodhue county, Minnesota. Elna is living with her adoptive parents Louis and Augda Peterson and her new baby sister Elise in Minneapolis, Hennepin county, Minnesota,

In 1910 Sam and his boys are settled on East Ave. in Red Wing, Arthur and Bert both working in the furniture factory, Bert still attending school with Cyrus. In 1913 Arthur married Elizabeth Coen and they set up housekeeping in Red Wing. Both Bert and Cyrus were called up during the Great War, and were still in service at least in 1919. The 1920 census has Sam living alone in Red Wing, now working on shoe repair rather than making, in a shoe store. In 1930 his son Bert is living with him and working in Sam’s shoe shop.

Sam died 12 April 1931, and was buried in Oakwood cemetery in Red Wing.