CBC hides privacy settings

#CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, has been under fire for selling Canadian reader’s data to dataminers. That is only as it should be – a government-funded broadcaster should not be enabling online invasion.

They rolled out a ‘new and improved’, and supposedly more transparent,  opt-out setting panel. It was painfully obvious that, in fact, its primary purpose was to prevent users – particularly those visiting the page on a mobile device – from ever getting to the bottom of the mind-numbingly bad list of ‘reader interests’ to find the two simple check-points – which again were deliberately programmed to be painful to use, as opposed to super simple, fast, and obvious radio buttons – to opt out of cookies.

But apparently a lot of people took the trouble, because suddenly it now takes three separate page loading, and a lot of scrolling and searching to find the right places to click, to even get that deliberately obfuscated opt-out settings panel.

This is not transparency. It is not new and improved. It is the same old lying and cheating to prevent citizens from making any success in protecting their privacy, the same bad behaviour CBC has railed against from other websites.