Road travel

Not my photo – borrowed from Manitoba Co-operator 2013 article about lightning in the province.

The drive from was punctuated by a wild spring with all the trimmings – hail, lightning, thunderous downpours, and a trailing wall cloud formation, which is not something I recall seeing before.

The rain, surely, was unnecessary; the evidence of spring is still everywhere though less, of course, the further south I got. The Morris river was up every low-lying bank, and may have been touching the bottom of the bridge I was driving over; others had a bit more clearance.

Other than a terrible wait crossing the border into the USA, think measuring in hours at what is normally a pretty sleepy country crossing, the trip was delightfully uneventful. A completely full plane meant we were pulling away from the gate early. Silver linings, I swear! but we landed a bit late, likely due to the rough .

With any luck it will be a bright, clear day today on the prairies, perfect weather for outdoor work.

Author’s note: This was written on the road, the morning of 4 May 2019. Blame online distractions for its failure to be published in a timely manner.