Travel woes

Box of Oranges, Rio Grande Valley, Texas, 1922-1924. From[Commons.Wikimedia.Org

Not likely to anyone’s surprise, is not my favourite travel destination. It is, to me, fly-over land or, at best, transit point. Not a place to stay out of choice.

It is a place as ecclectic as any I have known, not at all filled with interesting people some of whom likely want to kill me either for what I am or what I think. Which is not a reason for me to avoid the place. Some days I suspect most places of the world harbor at least a few people with the same wish.

No, Texas is not a destination for me because it is so large, and I have but a single place I am interested in going.

And it is not the Dallas-Fort Worth .

Which is where I am stranded.

The flight I was scheduled to be on was canceled this morning due to predicted thunderstorms. This was bad, but worse (in my opinion) was having reschedule my flight for two days from today, and instead of the direct -> flight, they booked me to fly four hours North-East, wait around a good long time, then fly five and a half hours West.  All without any paying for any of the inconvenience.

I had to reschedule the flight myself, while waiting on hold for nearly an hour, and golly gee I could take the same flight as was canceled today tomorrow. Three and a half hours or so, rather than 14 hours in transit a day later. That was easy™.

And when I finally got hold of someone he apologetically informed me that Air Canada is not responsible for weather-related delays – I am on my own dime to cover a night at a hotel and meals for an unplanned stay.

But it would have been two nights, and two days worth of meals, and that would most certainly have been at least half Air Canada’s fault. This was nearly as poor a service as the truly awful help received at the Air Canada check-in counter here in .

The staff at the counter checked if there were an available seat in the earlier flight, but it was full. At that point, ~5 seconds later, they informed me there was nothing they could do to help me. Not even let me use their phone to call reservations. Everything was referred to customer service, which does not have a phone number. Nope, sorry, gotta go, bye.

So, two resolutions: one, never fly through Dallas-Fort Worth, which truly is a reprehensible facilty; and two, shift more of our travel to non-Air Canada options, so we have more/better choices when it comes to award travel. We are well over a million miles between us, and accelerating; getting the miles will probably not be an issue. And three, file a complaint.

Oh, and that thunderstorm…

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