Bringing back the dude

Log sculpture of a reclining figure
The dude chilling sculpture Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis in Dude Chilling Park. Source: Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association

You may not know it, but the dude is missing from Dude Chilling Park[WP].

The sculpture, three cedar logs artfully arranged by Michael Dennis entitled Reclining Figure, suffered the expected organic decay and, in 2017, was removed as a potential risk to the many people climbing and sitting on it. Now, with an indiegogo funding campaign completed 7 May, it appears the sculpture will soon be returning as a bronze cast version.

Seen 14 May 2019, chalkart promoting the “Bring back the dude” campaign. Copyright 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

This began as a community campaign, and has continued in the grass roots vein. I can say that, as of this morning, there are still chalk drawings calling for its return. And a freshly-poured cement slab where it will be mounted in the park this coming fall.