Little frustrations…

One of the ‘modern’ movements in UX design[R] is to eliminate configurability in favour of clean, simple interfaces. Most of the time this reminds me of the old Unix guideline[WP] – do only one thing[pdf] – and I love it.

But not always.

PureOS relies on GNOME as its (default) window manager. It is excellent, and modern, and occasionally drives me nuts. Like, how can I see a notification after its brief appearance as a pop-up? No doubt I can figure this out, probably by adding a plugin/software of some non-default variety.

Why do I need it? because the Contacts application, a smooth and trim interface, fails to update my cloud-based contacts when I edit a contact locally, briefly flashing an error message. Which is bad. What is worse is Contacts is not synchronising.

And defining the cloud account is an Online Account, neatly and nicely done through the system settings. But does not offer any way to manually trigger a synchronisation.

Normally I would try to solve this myself, looking into the various software and see how they work together. But there is no lay-readable documentation on any of these software. It is all supposed to be ergonomic, no need for docs…

Which reminds me; there is also no help documentation on how to configure the Compose Key for . I cannot do a two-key stroke to get ‘…’, but rather type three dots ‘…’. Which looks like some terrible ascii emoji cat.

And do not get me started on GNOME Photos.

Anyway, there are always a few annoyances. And on day three I seem to be rubbing up against a bunch of them. Again.