Alberta’s choices

Five years ago Albertans threw out the Conservative government which had proven to be corrupt, privileged, and unethical. This week they elected a Conservative government which is proven – before being elected – to be corrupt, privileged, and unethical.

This is the right of electorates: to make amazingly stupid decisions.

from Library of Virginia

But one of the things the incoming government is accused of, and appears prima facie guilty, is election fraud. So until I read a neutral third-party assessment of the election I will exonerate the public. They might not be guilty of this particular stupidity.

I find it amazingly difficult to believe that people would believe the former minister, after 12 years in Federal cabinet failing to get a pipeline built (and directly overseeing the creation/implementation of the foreign temporary worker program which led to indentured labor systems in Canada) will somehow magically reverse a political career to create jobs for Albertans. He has no record of doing so.

But apparently you can fool most of the Albertans regularly enough to get back into office at least. Maybe we will soon hear that half the public services will be cut in that province, too.

Which means more nurses and teachers for BC!