More than a year

PureOS has failed to address a packaging issue for Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) for more than a year. Aaaand, the person most-qualified to address the issue has decided not to. Reality is, PureOS is getting little or no support while Purism focuses on getting their upcoming phone release, er, released.

Bit rot has set in. The users are getting pissed and installing other OSes on their Librem hardware.  The distribution is slowly sliding down DW’s traffic ranking, exiting the top 100 tracked distros over this past year of neglect.

And the Tor Browser Bundle is a clear and obvious example of this. “Everyone’s on the same page” that TBB needs to be available. Everyone agrees the current repo is broken (actually, it is completely removed from PureOS.) Everyone agrees that upstreaming to the Tor Project is the correct solution. And this consensus has existed since at least October 2018.

And no one has fixed it.