So much suckage…

I just cannot explain how much it enrages me that Thunderbird fucking cannot use system standards for contacts and calendars. In every recent operating system I work with I connect network/internetwork accounts at the OS level, and applications which can make use of these discover them via the OS.

Apparently this is too collaborative for Mozilla. Instead Thunderbird builds a little walled garden of its own, with its own insular contacts, its own insular tasks, its own insular calendar. Lightning can be forcibly, painfully, connected to CalDAV, but the process sucks.

So far I cannot get it connected to CardDAV in any way, shape, or form.

I do not live on a single device, or within a single OS. I have five different portable/mobile hardware platforms with four differing operating systems connecting with my cloud server on a constant basis. This past week I was walking between three rooms every few minutes, but maintaining a single seamless conversation from three different keyboards with the remote person; they were not even aware I was shuttling.

That’s my life when the technology is working. And thunderbird is the fly in the ointment. I need to contact someone and it should take a single search on any machine, but no! If it is not in my cloud contact list I have to go searching on two of my boxen to find out if it is in Thunderbird. If I get an invite to an event via e-mail, I have to forward it to myself on an account reserved for the platform without Thunderbird, because Lightning tries to add it to the local calendar not the CalDAV clanedar by default.

Get a grip, people! the world does not revolve around you! it revolves around me! Make it work for me.