Network-level ad blocking project

Just ran across this exceptionally cool idea for blocking advertiser/malware distributors from an entire network, rather than solely at the browser level. It is a cool hardware/software project using a Rapsberry Pi[W]. The article suggests the unit can be put together in about 15 minutes, but I am guessing for the average hobbyist it will run 30 minutes or so.

First, you need to know a bit about Raspberry Pi: it is a tiny single-board general computer. It is not powerful, but it is inexpensive (running about 45 CAD at the time of writing.) The computer is sold without any implementation – it is not in a case, nor does it have a lot of peripherals like keyboards or screens. It probably does not even have a power supply. The hobbyist who purchases it will need to figure out what is needed to use the computer for the project they plan to create with it.

This particular project is actually building a small DNS server[W] which uses blacklists to block requests to a broad range of malware domains/addresses. From both the hardware and software side of things it is quite simple; a standard Rapsberry Pi 3 B+, a power supply, and an SD memory card are all that is actually required (a case will make the set up prettier.)

The balena project article explains the process for assembling the software – it runs Pi-hole – and burning it onto the card, and setting everything up. By that point, you are done. You can mange the device (or a fleet of them, anywhere in the world) through a web interface.