And the BC Liberal response is…

The BC Liberal party is even further right of the so-called Federal Liberals, as one would expect a party which was hijacked by the SoCred party as it imploded.

Which is why my expectations for the BCLib response to reports their former leader and still-current spiritual leader is under investigation in the U.K. for an alleged sexual assault is rather low. My top three expectations:

#3: He’s a Manitoban/Ontarian! nothing to do with us.

#2: You mean Federal Conservative party appointee as Canadian High Commissioner in London who sold Canada’s mansion at One Grosvenor Square? Tory problem, nothing to do with us.

#1: Oh, he was probably drunk!

But there is an honorable mention possibility: It’s like the HST – it never happened! (NB: Campbell spokesperson stated the allegation was previously reviewed at the time by the (Conservative) government and found to be without merit. Shades of a railroad scandal, anyone?)