I have a plan!

Not my schedule, just an exemplar.

…and other famous last words. Even so, I have tentatively plotted a schedule to address my several and diverse goals for the rest of this week. Assuming it survives the initial contact with the enemy (my ADD,) it may increase my productivity.

And what, you may ask, are these putative goals?

  • from Computer Security and PGP on Blogspot.

    implement a reverse proxy server, so I can distribute some of these server loads.

  • increase daily calorie burn – a little walking, wear the weight vest while doing house work, etc.
  • get back to weekly budget checking.
  • work on (re)building habits: daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly things to do.

These all, really, come down to that last item – becoming more regular in accomplishing the small, regularly occurring tasks. Whether it is simply wiping the counter after a scattering some sugar on the way to my cup, or importing my weekly debit expenditures into my financial software to check if I stayed inside my budgets, my best accomplishments happen when things are all perking along smoothly. Lately this has not been the case, so time to get back to fundamentals.