So many things to jabber about! And, since it is such a Vancouver weather-wimp thing, I will post about the  SNOW!

Sunday, after two other snowfall warnings which resulted in butkis, the metropolis finally got some winter weather. Well, not quite the first winter weather; the polar vortex has been slowly drifting west and we have had quite a stretch of freezing weather for this location. And along comes one of our typical winter trains of low-pressure systems pumping moisture into the region..

This is the normal weather pattern in winter here. A series of lows stack up and blow over us in waves, each one dumping tons of moisture into the region. But here in the city this usually falls as rain, while we look up at the mountains (in the rare winter moments when we can see the mountains) and feel smug about all that white snow to go play in, an hour’s drive or so away.

Sunday it fell as snow. It started about 13:00, and by early evening we had about 6 inches accumulation. And the city was paralyzed. Lots of closed schools and universities, highway services asking everyone to not drive, buses and trains delayed, re-routed, Monday morning commute was reported as completely insane.

My plan for the day had been to drive up the Sunshine Coast to Texada Island (three ferries!) to look at a boat. The boat owner called to suggest I just stay home; he could not get out of his driveway, and did not want me as a house guest assuming I made it that far.

I stayed home, and inside. Because I knew the forecast for Monday was for more snow. And it did not begin until after noon, but we are expected to get as much snow as on Sunday. And again tomorrow, snow in the forecast.  And Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday and Saturday. At least, that’s what they say on openweathermap. Canada’s weather site,, has nicer weather forecast: Wednesday will have sun, then Thursday snow turning into rain, which lasts through Saturday.

Tomorrow I will walk over to the grocer for a few odds and ends. Beyond that, meh.