Shipping! Not! II

Every step of the way the shipper has been 12-18 hours behind reality. The one which really annoyed me was last night.

First, the package cleared into Canada We learnt this, of course, the end of business day the day after it actually happened. Well, to be fair, it arrived at their facility at 12:51 a.m., so officially the same day. But if that package had been on that morning’s truck we would have had no idea it might be delivered.

As it was, I stayed home, nervously clicking to check for progress several times an hour, all day yesterday, until I left the house at 17:15, very nearly the end of business day. And today we checked for progress and discovered they stopped by trying to deliver it at 18:27 yesterday (but of course reported as stopped by at 18:27 in the future, today…) while I was not at home.

Now here is the problem: the front door security is connected to my phone. If they stopped by they should have tried our unit’s code, which would have rung my phone. It never rang.

Here is the other problem: I signed up for e-mail notifications with the shipper. I have never received an e-mail notification from the shipper.

But fine, I can live with this level of incompetence if the package is where they say it will be, and is undamaged/intact. It is supposed to be there in an hour and a half.

I hate waiting.

I also hate paying sales tax on internet-shipped products from the USA, but at least that is fair dealing. <siiigh>