Like many people, I am not in good physical shape, other than vaguely rotund. And I am trying to do something about that; I am trying to walk it off.

One of the things I have noticed in my effort to move some of the wub around is just how difficult it is to set aside time which is kept sacrosanct[wt] for getting a bit of exercise done. There are always things which come up just as or more important (at least, in someone‘s opinion) than elevating my pulse for at least a half an hour.

So I am getting up a couple hours earlier than necessary and getting out the door to put in a few miles of walking before everyone else gets up and moving. This is not a huge effort involving gyms and trainers and nutritionists; it is just me rolling out of bed in the morning and walking about 10 long-blocks south, then east, then north, then west. A nice big square.

And walking right past that donut shop on the way. Which is open, even at that time of the morning.

Which is about as close to ‘diet’ as I am getting. Not that I am eating terribly! I am just not going to focus my attention right now on anything more ambitious than “try to get more veggies, and hey! cookies are not in the new Canadian Food Guide.” I am also off coffee for the nonce (or, I will be in a day or so, when I run out of coffee beans.) Completely separate issue. And you do not want to know how much tea I am slucking down these days.

So, any effects so far? Yah, sort of. I am now certain that not one of my jackets is really waterproof, but one is at least water resistant.