A knitted object in black and white stripes on the knitting needle and still in the early stages of knitting.
The cast on and first rows of a tea cosy.

There is this theme on Mastodon[R], #Yarnuary, which is basically a tag for people who are engaged in fibre arts and crafts to follow, and where people can announce what they are working on, share techniques and tips, how their projects are going, and when they finish something.

Tea cosy finished 2019/01/05

It is partly brag, partly support group. Sometimes people ask questions – what should they do to solve X problem, anyone have a pattern for a Y?,  what does [strange abbreviation] mean in a crochet pattern? But mostly it is reporting where they are at with their works-in-progress (#WIPs.)

Personally I am using it to push myself to do things other than baby sweaters. So far I have started and finished a tea cosy for myself, and a produce bag so I can avoid bringing home one more bit of single-use plastic. (I plan to make more of these! I am quite pleased with the results.) My next Yarnuary start will be a sweater I plan to emblazon with a snarky political statement (2019 is an election year in Canada.)

A knitted bag for carrying produce, with three yellow apples in it.
Produce bag finished 2019/01/09

The most-positive thing about it is simply hearing that other people are working on #FiberArts / #FibreArts projects, too. There is, in fact, quite a range of people on the Fediverse who are crafting in /#fil. Some days I spend hours translating from Dutch, French, German… just trying to keep up with fellow crafters.

If you are on Mastodon, you should join in!