Whirlwind travel, or There and Back again

So on Thursday I went to Minnesota. And was back home again in time for lunch on Friday.

I actually loathe traveling. No, I take that back. I loathe modern travel methods. I was crammed into a seat too small to knit comfortably in for 3.5 hours, then the pod burst and all my fellow travellers and I scattered into the rain falling in Minnesota.

I raced up to my in-law’s place to do some quick computer fixes/upgrades – which turned into 5 hours of waiting while the system continuously reboot. The new Mojave OS upgrade is shockingly bad, in my opinion. And seems to have deliberately broken Safari extensions so they can reassert control over every niche in their walled garden.


After that I zipped to the kids’ and grandkids’ home to surprise them with the other part of winter gifts which the shipper had refused to ship. A solid half-hour or hour of fun later I headed back out into the fog and rain to get to the hotel, where I promptly fell asleep.

The odd highlight of the trip was getting through airport security to catch my flight home in the morning. The hotel is at the airport, and has its own little transit security portal, so I was able to walk directly into the concourse from my hotel room. Okay, the security portal apparently is not open on a pseudo-random basis depending on the needs of the airport, but it was operating when I checked out so I wandered through with hardly any delay waiting in lines.

Total time in Minnesota? About 18 hours, I think.