Right, write!

Okay, so we have not gotten much written during the long and involved process of recovering, because in part we are severely distracted by the rest of life. But here’s some stuff we have been doing:

  • Purchasing, assembling furniture. We decided to add a set of bookshelves, including a desk unit and a wine bar unit to the living room. We started to move a few books into the unit to stop the stacks from tipping over in the office, but stopped because we needed to rearrange. Then we added a piece. Then we added another piece. Then we discovered the stereo will not actually fit in the pieces, so we ordered a media unit which is designed for the system. We moved one of the pieces to the bedroom as it will not fit once the media unit arrives. We purchased another unit to balance the one in the bedroom. Then the warehouse called to tell us the media unit we ordered is back ordered. So we have almost enough pieces in the living room, minus the media unit, and only one of them filled with books. Oh, and the wine bar needs a magnet catch, so it is not filled either.
  • Super-exciting things are happening at work, involving research, governments, lawyers and courtrooms, and international standards committees. So days start and end very oddly and somehow take up 16+ hours in a day. Which means chauffeurage is less than regularly scheduled.
  • Servers are up and working and now we need to move to a slightly different architecture which will require another physical machine as we move things into subnets. (And then we will be adding additional new services! we hope.)
  • The holiday gifting theme this year is home-crafted. Which, of course, necessitates home-crafting, which is eating all of my spare time. I have 2 [objects] done, 4 [objects] mostly completed (need 3 more), one [object] is 30% done. Plus I need at least 7 more items which I have yet to decide what they will be.
  • We hosted kids for US Thanksgiving yesterday – Cornish Game Hen, wild-rice-stuffed squash, steamed broccoli, with Cora’s buns and pumpkin cake for dessert. Everything was made from scratch on Saturday, and it ended up being only an hour later than planned.
  • Elizabeth’s travel plans for the month were thrown into the air, as were my non-travel plans therefore of course, but she leaves in about 24 hours for Europe, gets back in December for a few days before departing for Asia.
  • Winter holidays are coming!