Dear Mr Trudeau, about that BDS comment

You apologized for Canada’s actions in the past, which were reprehensible. Canada identified an ethnic group for selective discrimination. I applaud that. The BDS movement targets a country, Israel, for doing the same thing. I applaud them, too.

More importantly, it is a call primarily to stop acting, rather than a call to action. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction asks people to avoid purchasing products from Israel, or hiring services from the country, while it is Israeli policy and law to discriminate on ethnic and religious grounds. It asks people to not invest in corporate or national endeavours under the same limitations – while Israel acts against its own citizens and those of its neighbouring nations. It asks other nations to sanction Israel in an effort to encourage the country to act like a member of civil society.

These are all things Canada has encouraged in the past against rogue states.

But BDS says nothing about the Jewish ethnicity.

You are being played. And as a constituent I really do not like that.