shrtr urls

Over at venez.çà we have an instance of YOURLS, a self-hosting url shortener. It lets me do things like turn the link to Mallin Bjørndatter‘s genealogy entry from


or something even more readable, like

Which, you have to admit, is pretty darned cool.

Url shortening is pretty huge; especially with particularly ugly urls like the ones created by our paste software. A very large number of webservices have integrations for shorteners, with some running their own internally (twitter, facebook) and others allowing external or multiple shorteners (WordPress, Mastodon.) These latter ones let us choose to use our own url shortener, which means the people who follow our links are not being spied on by unknown for-profit corporations.

(Also, recently learned just how much url shorteners are used for spying on folks, and paying for clicks. tl;dr: there is a reason I set up my own url shortener.)