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Every so often it is useful to be able to quickly copy and paste a bit of text to the internet so someone else can see what you are talking about. There is a name for this kind of software, a paste bin.

Maybe I want to show someone how I modified an example script to work with my installation, like here: A blob of text from news aricle, or maybe an error being thrown, or anything else which might be useful to share with someone else, briefly or putting it out there forever.

That is when a paste-bin can come in handy. You copy the whatever, open the paste site and paste it, save it, and share the resulting url.

Of course, there are always issues. Like privacy. Security. Spying. We are using PrivateBin, which is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. There are several reasons to choose this software, not least is the server does not know what is in the paste – everything is encrypted before it is sent to the server to be stored and shared. The key to the encryption is included in the rather long url, and the javascript served will use the key to decrypt the message inside the browser.

None of this makes our paste bin a secure system, nor should you trust us, but it can be a reasonably safe tool for you to share small pastes via urls, just another tool in the netizen bag. We are calling it VCBin.