Long and involved rabbit holes

A color illustration of a king on a throne
The Coronation of Hugues Capet (941-996), 988. Miniature from a manuscript of the 13th or 14th century. B.N., Paris, France

A fellow amateur genealogist shared a link to a ‘sketch’ family tree, including one of our prominent family lines – the Cartier ancestry, which has particular interest for me. But what caught my eye was the date of the earliest death, 966 CE.

That, I am sure, is a minor typo, as the individual linked is Hugh, first King of the Franks[W].

The problem is the sheer number of generations to work through to find the single, tenuous link between Jean Cartier 1428-1488 and Hugh Capet 938-996. And it turned out the connection was many generations after Jean Cartier.

Québec City flag, from Commons.Wikimedia.Org

In 1753 Marie Louise Petit dite Bruneau married Francois de Sales Cartier, great x 8 grandson of Jean Cartier. Her great-great-grandmother had crossed the Atlantic before her marriage to Francois Belanger in Québec city in 1637, and her family name was Guyon. It is through the Guyon family line that there is a connection, Guy de Laval, to one of the illegitimate children of Henry 1 of England, Henry Beauclerc’s daughter Emma.

Coat of arms of France . By [User:Rinaldum], from Commons.Wikimedia.Org
Henry was himself the fourth son of William of Normandy[W], and is well-connected to many of the royal lines of Europe, and in the particular genealogy I was tracking back the focus was on Matilda of Flanders, William’s wife. She was the daughter of Richard III, Duke of  Normandy, and Adela of Flanders, daughter of Robert II, the King of Franks, and so grand-daughter of Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty.

Unfortunately the majority of the generations leading back, first to Marie Louise Petit dite Bruneau and then on to Guy de Laval de Guyon are as yet undocumented, at least in our repository. No doubt there are years worth of effort to collect digital proof. Still, it looks like someone else has done so, which means it can be done.