Pratique française

Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq…

I am, as usual, doing multiple things at the same time. I am knitting a simple lace pattern, k3, k2tog, yo. And I am practicing French cardinal numbers.

…dix-neuf, vingt, vingt-et-un, vingt deux…

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The knitting is a practice piece, as much just to get back into the rhythm as anything else; I have a few projects planned for this fall.

The counting is to burn into my neurons the numbers. I can, just barely, remember learning numbers and counting as a pre-schooler. Counting everything. Constantly. I must have been a super pain.

…trente cinq, trente six, trente sept…

That section there is a mental hiccup, one of two. For some reason I regularly skip trente six, thirty-six, and end up off by one.

The pattern takes 10 rows to complete, then I repeat it. The project, a rather tiny little lap blanket probably more suitable for a child than an adult, is made up of three pieces which eventually get sewn together; it looks a bit like three scarfs joined on their long edges, then stretched out to show the simple lace chevrons.

…quarante deux, quarante trois, quarante quatre, quarante cinq.

Each right-side row is repeats of the pattern, but starting one stitch further in, so the first row is k3, k2tog, yo across, second is k2, k2tog, yo, then k3, k2tog, yo across, and so on. All back side rows are purled. So on front rows I count 1-5 over and over again, and backsides I count 1 to the width of the piece.

There are 25 repeats of the pattern rows, so 250 rows, each piece is not quite 50 stitches wide so roughly 150 stitches per row, and we can round it off to about 35,000 stitches total. Trente cinq mille.

Copyright © 2018 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

Un, deux, trois…

I have hopes the effort is working. By the time I was half-way through the project I was noticing I was able to multi-task, continuing to knit and count while doing other mental tasks without making mistakes either in the knitting or the counts. With a couple of hiccups.