Surge pricing Amazon-style

Today just tried to gouge me for $79.99 CAD after I looked at the same product from the original manufacturer for $29.99 USD. And this on a day when the CAD is surging against the USD, up 3/4 of a cent to nearly $0.78 USD to every $1 CAD.

For those wondering about the math, that means the product should be priced somewhere around $38.49 Canadian dollars. What’s that you say? but needs to charge more than the MSRP? Balogna. The manufacturer’s price is almost always higher than Amazon’s price because they would prefer to outsource the shipping/processing. And even if they did top up over the manufacturer’s advertised price, the price they quoted was 208% higher. MORE THAN TWICE THE PRICE.

And speaking of the shipping, Amazon wanted to charge me $12.99. Not too bad, since I am not about to use Prime. But the manufacturer in a different country wants to charge me $6.99 USD to ship the product, presumably from their manufactury in New York state all the way to the west coast. Let’s see, that’s roughly $4.03 markup in Canadian dollars, or roughly 150% the cost to ship it within Canada.

Now that saddest thing about this is: it is all due to my reducing my browser security. Normally there are no 3rd party cookies, no js, no stored data at all for Amazon to rummage through and see what I have been researching on the web. That is how they know what to surge price, what you have already been looking for. But I had been on another site and temporarily reduced my threat stance to see some content there, and forgot to batten things down again after.

Needless to say I did not buy the product from Amazon. I may go back to the original manufacturer’s site, maybe, but most likely I am so annoyed with the whole thing I won’t buy anything online for months or years again. People, or at least corporations, suck.