Seghesio 2015 Sonoma County Zinfandel

Empty bottle. Copyright © 2018 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

I am not, generically, a big fan of California wines. No doubt just saying that made me a huge pile of enemies.

But really, there are Great wines from California, and there is the other 90+%, most of which are just not the kind of wine I drink/awful/pretty good but not good enough to go out of my way to find. This is true of every wine region I have ever had the luck to sample enough to become opinionated about. (And I am very opinionated.)

Zinfandel is a grape which loves California, and when treated well the zins from there are some of my favourites; but I drink more than just that varietal.

And it is true of my favourite wine regions. Most of what is produced there is, to me, swill.

But California has a special spot in my “that’s swill” listing because there seems to be an attitude that if it is bottled there it is liquid gold. And maybe it is, to someone else. The arrogance and vanity just mean a Californian has to be extra special for me to even think about it.

This Seghesio is one which I will look for again.