Silhouette as a hole

I missed a week. Last Friday was moving day for us, so this week I am picking a photo I find particularly special, in part because of the grieving and loss which balances the excitement and anticipation of moving house.

Silhouette of a man against the salt flats and bright sky.
Maynard Ranum, ~1922 to 2001.

This photo struck me as a metaphor: Silhouette of the deceased. When someone dear to one dies they are gone, but the place they occupied in your life is still there, just empty. A hole in your life which will never really be filled, though you will continue on.

I am not sure of the particulars of this photo; I believe it was taken during Maynard and Betty’s trip with Lori to Oregon and on to California in 1992 – possibly Death Valley in eastern California. The full-size image was scanned from negative in 2017, and is available on the PhotoNegs site.

EDIT: Lori was the photographer, and she reports This was taken when Dad and I drove to San Fransisco, CA to bring my stuff to be shipped to Japan via ship. It was in Utah, the Salt Lake sand area.