Dear Representative Jason Lewis

The NDAA you worked on is idiotic, and undermines US security by targeting our closest allies. If you want to survive this election cycle grow a pair, stand up for the USA, support an impeachment bill.

Everything I have seen published under your name, and your voting record, suggests to me you are a steaming pile of Tronald Dump. And your latest e-mails sound like you are begging. The reality is your record is your record, you have done what you have done. You have been a scaly, brutish fool this session, and not much better before. Accept the response of the people – they may very well keep you in office, but not if you whinge about the little shit you do while not taking responsibility for the big shit you did.

Stop abjectly supporting this president. He does not support you in the slightest degree. And couldn’t find Minnesota on a map.

On 2018-07-16 13:34, Rep. Jason Lewis wrote:

Putting Minnesotans First
Dear Wayne,I wanted to reach out to connect with you and make sure you were aware of my recent efforts and actions in Congress.