Satisfying day

By 5 hr I was already packing the car and moving things. Not that it takes a lot to pack the car.

from IKEA

The big accomplishments of the day were 4 full loads moved by car, decisions made in stone about some of the future furniture purchases – plus two possibly-frivolous-Ikea-chair purchases. But hey! ya gotta sit somewhere.

And I am sitting in one of them, looking out at the city beginning to glow and sparkle like cloud of fireflies as the rippling heat dissipates slightly into the clear sky which is a gradient of deep indigo to a light-blue-with-yellow-tones just above the mountains of the north shore which cut a rough but crisp silhouette against the sunset horizon. The dusk city is far more beautiful than it is comfortable.

To continue recounting the accomplishments of the day, we failed to find and purchase my favourite self-cleaning litter pan, but we did retrieve one which is twice as expensive, many times as noisy, and I am fairly sure will last no longer. We purchased a few other items for the cats as well, mostly to try to make the transition a bit easier for them (and assuage our guilt at uprooting them yet again.)

We stopped to pick up an air mattress to serve as temporary bed until our major furniture move. This is likely to be the most important purchase of the moving-in period because we have nearly a week before the beds will actually arrive.

Moving the cats was exactly as bad as expected – Tortue is simply a terrible traveler, panicking and working himself up to the point of vomiting, diarrhœa, etc. And he sets off Brouillant, who is otherwise an unethusiastic traveller, but far less a drama queen. On the other hand, she is actually far more timid once arrived in a strange place; she has spent much of the evening hiding behind the toilet waiting for the end of the world.

Now they are here we need them to become acclimated, so we can actually leave them alone here without their getting into extreme trouble. Three more days until the event at our house. Two days after that the packers will swoop through throwing everything that is left into boxes. And the next day the movers will move everything which isn’t nailed down to the new unit. I can hardly contain the excitement.