Some reassembly required

Furniture shopping is challenging. Furniture shopping online is less-stressful, while furniture buying online is more-stressful. But sometimes it can have amusing moments.

Take these two photos:

They show two different finishes of the same set of shelves and desk. It is really cool that this online company did not simply use fancy software to swap in a facsimile of the different finishes, so we can really see an example of the real product. The shadows are slightly different, and the effects of the lighting are slightly different. (Look at the underside of the shelves.)

But the irrefutable evidence that this is not some high-tek digital futzing is that someone did not follow the instructions in putting together the darker wood finish leaning shelves. The shelves are installed backward, and that unit is almost certain to tip over if you put much weight down low. Also, mind the gap!