Citizen responsibilities: due diligence

from Library of Virginia

Just started my research before the August 14 primary vote. Every time there is an election it sucks hours out of my days because there is no single, simple platform which gives the intensive/extensive backgrounding I want on each of the candidates.

This is probably not a bad thing, because then there would a lot of reward to anyone who can bias that single platform.

But instead I am using a hundred different sites, from Wikipedia and Ballotpedia to news sites and personal blogs (but not Twatter or FasciaBrava.) Even weird connections, like Amy Klobuchar’s IMDb page, where she only plays herself.

It is nice to see some things remain the same, despite the extremely odd 2016 election which saw the MN Republicans capture both houses of the state legislature. Olé Savior is back in the fold of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party; we forgive you Olé. And there is weirdness in the Senate races – Republican Richard Painter is running as a Democrat in the Primary. (Noteworthy is that the STrib has the number of primary candidates in that race completely wrong: there are three candidates in the Republican primary, and a staggering 6 vying for the Democratic nod.)

I am rather disappointed with the field of second-tier party and independent candidates. There are a few, and one or two appear viable for state and local offices, but the various agreements between the two dominant parties to shut out alternative voices seem to be working. First-past-the-post is not even being questioned anywhere in Minnesota despite its steady abandonment among first-world nations.

But the time is well-invested in keeping up with the currents and themes which are in the news of Minnesota. However far from the state I roam, this is still the land where I was born. Both it and I change and evolve, and need these regular re-introductions.