Recycling, composting, and trash

It has been five weeks. Most weeks we have dab of yard waste, moldy bread, vegetable peels, and left-overs left a bit too long. Most weeks we have almost too much recycling. But trash? It has been five weeks, and we have about a third of the bin.

Our trash is scheduled to be picked up every-other week, recycling and composting every week. In general, the city has been quite reliable (except that two-week cold snap after the the blizzard when all the completely unplowed alleyways became ice moguls.)

I, on the other hand, am not so reliable. The first garbage week we were late getting out the door, didn’t have time to set it out… The second one I missed because we were on holidays for 11 days.

But I cannot miss this next one because I am started on a purge, and I am filling trash bags with stuff we haven’t seen or needed in nearly two years. I plan on filling that bin before Sunday night.

Oh the rules… Image from the City of Vancouver.