Moving news

We will be moving to new digs in July.

Moving furniture into a gothic palace via the window in Venice.

Which will hopefully not be so challenging as this. We are waiting on the contract for a place; our application is approved but until the ink is dry I still do not trust it is going to happen.

The new place is about as good as we could hope for. It should have excellent views of the city-scape, the north shore mountains. It is brand new, with nice appliances, modern cabinetry, and an open layout.

The bedroom arrangements are reasonably private, though of course with only two people we do not need all the space all the time it does give options when guests come to visit. It might be a little more cramped than the last time we had most of the kids home, but I am pretty sure we could still fit everyone for a slumber party.

Which I would kind of like to plan. Anyone care for winter ski trip in the rockies? Or maybe a summer get-away to the west coast? (I suggest July or August, but not this July or August, unless you want to help move/unpack.)