<rant>internet banking!</rant>

Every so often a company does a major technology upgrade. Sometimes it is a disaster. Sometimes it only appears to be a disaster at the start. Of course, at the time you will not know which it is going to be.

Assume the worst.

So one of our USA banks, with whom we have had a retail relationship for 20+ years, decided to roll out a new mobile app. They also decided to roll out a new website.

The website introduction to the new mobile program for Android tells one to uninstall the previous version then install the new one, while the iOS program will self-update to the new version. This turns out to be rather key, because the new app is incompatible with older devices, even those running the most-current version of Android. Who have already uninstalled the previous version, if they followed instructions.

Like, for example, me.

That is okay, I thought, I will just leave a note about this as a bug report. Not on Google Play, of course, because you cannot leave a note for developers if you have not installed the software. Which I cannot. I will just leave it via the spiffy new website… except the ‘contact us’ form there fails. Apparently there is a captcha field, or a logged-in field, which is missing/unfilled for all three of my primary browsers (including the insecure one I use for testing.) So the best I could do was send an e-mail to their info help desk. Via desktop mail program. Really. The site is unusable to contact or inform in its current state.

But let us consider the Apple users. They are told the iOS program will automatically update itself. This turns out not to be true. The previous app pops up all kinds of warning boxes declaring it is incompatible, unable to upgrade, and then instructs the user to delete app and download the new program. Which does not exist on the Apple Store. As discovered by my partner, after the fact as it were.

So, at this moment, no one in our house has a device with a working app to engage in mobile banking with this company. And the website is at least partially useless. It did, apparently, allow Elizabeth to make the required password change to the account. Which she has not yet shared with me. So I cannot yet tell if the website has any useability for mobile banking.

Let us say the technology upgrade has left me underwhelmed. Rollout #fail.