The Haspel move

Mr Trump appears to live in a realm of possibilities, a classic ADD/ADHD mindset where decisions are made in the now based on future implications because the individual is not necessarily able to make out all the logical steps between the actual current reality and a singular future outcome, but is smart enough to foresee a cascade of possible outcomes and chooses the paths which trend toward desired outcomes.

Which change every few seconds.

Gina Haspel appears to be an intelligent government officer, with a long history in the CIA. She has worked in the field as an undercover agent, starting two years after joining the CIA, prior to which she worked as a civilian at a military base in Massachusetts after graduating from university in Louisville. Her father was a US Air Force, and she attended high school in the United Kingdom.

Reading the above facts from Wikipedia I deduce that Ms Haspel has never lived outside the military-intelligence bubble. Ever. She was likely being recruited/groomed before graduating from secondary school, possibly before entering it. Assuming the facts are accurate, of course.

Because I, too, live in a realm of possibilities, a classic ADD/ADHD mindset. And like the best intelligence operatives I quickly assess decision trees based on the probability of usefully accurate facts. And a shitpile of trivia.

And here is one of the problems of Ms Haspel: she is a known participant in US application of torture, hidden prison systems, and other activities which violate US law. Let me remind the reader the Constitution of the United States gave judicial power to all cases “arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority”[SEN]. That means treaties, such as the Geneva Conventions[en.wp]are law, lower than US legislated law but still binding on all citizens, at all times, in all locations.

Because Ms Haspel is being proposed to head the CIA, and because she knew or should have known the torture program was illegal under US law, and because she did not register objection to the program, and because she was involved in destroying evidence of the crimes, we can conclude that:

  • she may knowingly violate the constitution in the future.
  • this trait renders her unfit for the office of Director of the CIA.
  • the White House chose her because of this personality trait.

And because we can make those conclusions we can reasonably assume Mr Trump is preparing for the possibility of an autocracy. One of many outcomes of a clump of decision branchings. Which trend toward a desired outcome.

And he has people in his administration who are advising on how best to do so as a contingency.