Pseudo-productive shop day

Starting with this morning’s run to bring home a sheet of plywood, through two separate runs to tool shops, I managed to almost be productive: I have 4 matching blanks.

And I have a (shorter!) list of more tools to pick up.

Two strongbacks connecting two leg structures, which slot together.

What I am doing, ostensibly, is building a knock-down workstation which will give me a bit of a bench-like structure for the eventual pram project. In reality, I am collecting tools I will need and learning how to use them in a practical application.

I am also reminding myself of all those lessons which I have not used in decades: measure (at least!) twice, cut once. Use the correct tool for the job. Bigger hammer theory.

Holesaw. This is a 52mm diameter holesaw for cutting wood and plaster. Tool made by Sandvik, Sweden, about 1990. Photo by Basilicofresco, UK, 2005.

Which brings up the next tool purchase. Nearly a decade ago I had a home-fixit job involving a ton of screws, so I bought a cheap battery-powered screw gun. Cheap screw guns with ancient battery packs cannot reasonably power holesaws through good-quality 3/4″ plywood. I am too cheap, at this stage, to buy a decent battery-powered drill, so I will be picking up a corded drill on the morrow.

Best lesson reminder of the day, however, was about boatshops. Rather than having a moanin’ chair, to throw yourself into when something goes awry and needs to be thought through, grab a broom. In a wood shop something can always be improved with a bit of cleaning up and, while you are working on that rather mindless task, you can also be thinking up a solution to the problem at hand.


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