Onions and clouds

It appears that onions and clouds do not play well together in the sandbox.

The Tor logo, via Commons.Wikimedia.Org

To be fair, the Tor anonymity network[en.wp] appears to be suffering from a concerted attack, again, for the millionth time. I really need to figure out how to run an onion router and host a VPS to give back to the community. Or better yet, donate again.

Anyway, because Tor is running particularly slowly at the moment, my mobile client for Nextcloud fails to successfully upload photos the instant I take them when routing that traffic through the anonymity network. It just takes too long to establish the connection.

But this is just a temporary circumstance. Like ThePirateBay, Tor just keeps popping up more resilient after these state-sponsored attacks. So as a temporary work-around I just stopped anonymizing the client(s). Now various telecoms (and therefore governments) will know I am sending encrypted data to the cloud.saewyc.ca domain, which is annoying but hardly the end of the world. (Wait ’til they expend a huge amount of cycles decrypting one of those ‘sekret msgs’ to discover photos of my Smart car loaded with plywood…)